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Indonesia - Bali, Lombok, Raj Ampat

The South Asian gem of Indonesia is the worlds largest island country, with more than seventeen thousand islands and it's people consists of hundreds of distinct native and linguistic groups. Recently I had the opportunity to explore three of the islands and their surrounding regions. Bali, famous for its rice patty fields, Buddhist temples and global hipster scene; Lombok, for it's pristine beaches, waterfalls, volcano, and muslim culture; and the remote island of New Gunea in Indonesia’s west province of Papua- Raja Ampat. The archipelago, comprised of over 1,500 Islands famous for it’s crystal clear water, stunning views, island packed jungles, thriving reefs still perfectly intact it is considered the global epicentre of tropical marine bio-diversity and the darling of the diving world. These are some of the images I captured a long the way. Their beauty speaks for themselves.