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Siargao Island, Philippinees.

Siargao is teardrop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated about 800 km southeast of Manila. It features large mangrove forests, thick with coconut palms, surrounded by coral reef & lined with white sand beaches. It also features the best waves the Philippines has to offer. Until recently the Island was considered a surfers secret paradise, but as fast as the word about it travels, so do the surfers in search for uncrowded waves. Famous for it's thick hollow tube coined 'Cloud 9' it's now become a popular surfers destination drawing crowds from August to November. But besides the waves, arguably, I think that most of Siargao's beauty lies in the hearts of the local people. Somewhat primitive living conditions due to the inaccessibility of the island, the traditional style of living remains in tact. Stilt houses with thatched huts, and rice fields still plowed by their coveted water buffalo, the locals continue to live a simple life, still untainted by western ideals.